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Drawing a character for a game :private

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Jp 日本語


As you read, thank you.

This is from Shiga.
Including fantasy, Japanese, school, Sci-Fi, MoE

Illustrations of various genres are available.
Our color painting skills (animated paint and brush-painted etc.)

Clients like the will respond according to your request.
Character illustrations in addition to icons and banners etc

Will be made available upon request.
Ask us for individuals and companies alike, we offer.
If you have any questions, contact us

Instead, feel free to contact us.
Client customer's because we strive to deliver your preferred
Best regards.

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  • Career:private
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  • ファンタジー風キャラクターイラスト


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2020.02.19 Terms: 21日

    Client: 個人(Employee)

    [See more]

  • TPRG(ゲーム)に使用する立ち絵


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2015.07.08 Terms: 10日

    Client: 個人(Novelist)

    Stand up to use the TPRG (game) picture illustrations

    [See more]

  • 小説キャラクターのイラスト製作


    Fee: JPY10,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2014.07.03 Terms: 10日

    Client: 個人(Novelist)

    -Purpose of creating illustrations: the commissioned of the characters that appeared in the blog.
     ● delivery file specifications:
     File format: JPEG
     Size and specifications: 800 x 800

    Points: ...

    [See more]

  • 小説のキャラクター


    Fee: JPY10,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2014.06.03 Terms: 6日

    Client: 個人(Novelist)


    Recent illustrations, thanks so much! Immediately, just posted a blog so popular!

    Particularly pleased.

    Please I also want to ask the illustrations.

    Want to ask hypnosis witch t...

    [See more]

  • 軍服女性


    Fee: JPY8,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2014.02.25 Terms: 11日

    Client: 個人(個人)

    Excuse me, late evening. I tried to ask this deal have been slow.
    Thank you very much.

    [See more]

  • 男性キャラクターの制作


    Fee: JPY15,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2014.01.25 Terms: 4日

    Client: 個人

    Ask for your profile picture on Twitter and other Internet bust up illustrations of the original male character.
    Like shonen manga and manga youth Appearance of the male characters is medium, mid-twen...

    [See more]

  • 女軍師


    Fee: JPY5,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.12.21 Terms: 5日

    Client: 個人(個人)

    Please come out to anime and game three kingdoms woman strategist wind illustrations. As the image is Sima Yi.
    A little with the villain's sexy series. Is the plan to use as the icon on Twitter, etc.

    [See more]

  • 東方プロジェクト系のキャラクターデザイン


    Fee: JPY5,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.12.18 Terms: 3日

    Client: インターネットマーケティング

    Thank you girl I investigate the car's character.

    As the image of the East ' facial Aya ' has image. Illustration 1 poses alone is enough.

    [See more]

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Illustrations, anime, icons, illustration MoE


Company: stands for game character illustrations pictures produced four minutes
Individuals like: HP for illustrations 2
For individuals: dvdrip card game illustrations produced 1 point
Company: item illustrations produced 30 points
Company: character illustrations 3 points

For individuals: individuals using illustration 3 points, etc. Rather than illustrations to MoE, making the illustration icons in a variety of genres.

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