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One Logo Design :private

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Jp 日本語

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While attending design calligraphy classical calligraphy teacher after the proposed purchase lifestyle.
It's hanging, framed it has important work force without any me anytime, "even when the message.
Basic cultivated in classical arranged in a unique to their own design.
And directed by 'good work ' and the proposal.
In daily life, want to see a lot incorporated! I write with feeling.

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  • Career:12year(s)
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  • 写真集タイトル文字の依頼


    Fee: JPY10,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2014.07.06 Terms: 17日

    Client: 合同会社 双眼社(Publishing and Printing Industry)

    I think I hope publication of new photo book title ' actors pretty photo collection ' calligraphy.

    I think you see photos for more information, google can search by title.

    I know specifications of t...

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In 2010.
72 Ken s. calligraphy Association Exhibition In 2010.
27 Yomiuri calligraphy exhibition 2011.
73, s. calligraphy Association Exhibition 3/2012.
Normal acquisition 5/2012. Calligraphy students start design

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