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undeco ( andeco ) page, please thank you. Ads by manufacturers design direction through working as a free-lance Designer. [Leaflet] [Flyer] [Logo] [Brochure] [Goods, pottery, wooden toys], etc. of designs available.
It is possible to produce with Illustrator, Photoshop. Best regards.

  • Creator ID:6412
  • Gender:private
  • Age:private
  • Career:12year(s)
  • Area:Non-Public
  • Last Login:Within 3 days


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  • 仙台速達便のちらし


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2014.01.15 Terms: 6日

    Client: 有限会社マルホン通商(運輸業)

    【Sendai express delivery leaflet】 Please design a flyer for promotion of speed delivery service to Sendai city → Sendai city. We would like to use it as posting and service explanation materials to cu...

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  • リボンロゴマークシール印刷入稿データ作成


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2013.08.05 Terms: 3日

    Client: 大洋化学株式会社(合成樹脂成形品製造販売)

    Please create a seal for printing data.
    (1) data on Cutline
    (B) separate design data,

    (3) put layers in black in white areas

    Thank you.
    Previously submitted final data
    Red (second from the top), Nav...

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  • 販促チラシ作成


    Fee: JPY18,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.07.21 Terms: 64日

    Client: 株式会社メイショウエステート(不動産業)

    It is a real estate rental company. Based on our character for the rental owner I would like to series as a guide brochure for daily maintenance (sales staff tool). This time we are proposing LED ligh...

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  • 販促チラシ作成


    Fee: JPY18,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.07.21 Terms: 64日

    Client: 株式会社メイショウエステート(不動産業)

    It is a real estate rental management company. Beauty of the property in the vacant room countermeasure of the rental apartment! The first step of promoting beautification is to say from the entrance ...

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  • 張り替え絆創膏


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2013.07.13 Terms: 29日

    Client: 卸販売

    Pipe Eleki Bang and other magnets are exchanged. PDF data is sent 1: Size is PDF data street 2: From selling agency Azonn to hot milk Co., Ltd. Address description is fine 3: Jun code is deleted 4: En...

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  • 高校生キャンプのチラシデザイン


    Fee: JPY30,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.07.01 Terms: 25日

    Client: 個人

    We will conduct a project called "Eiko de High school student camp" at Rikuzentakata city, Iwate prefecture. For the reconstruction of the affected area damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, hig...

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  • 弊社商品(水素商品)の業務用のチラシの作成依頼


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2013.05.31 Terms: 81日

    Client: 美容、健康対策商品の開発・製造・販売

    For esthetic shops and salon shops, · We would like you to create a flyer that makes our product introduction · method of using our products and suggest price. We will provide drafts we want you to cr...

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  • 営業用チラシ


    Fee: JPY25,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.05.24 Terms: 52日

    Client: 製造業

    We are in the process of making original mineral water using Mr. Moeko as an example and thinking that we would like to use it for presentation (for sales) to let various clients know about. This time...

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  • オリジナルドリンクのラベル作成


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2013.04.05 Terms: 17日

    Client: 製造業

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  • 似顔絵


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2013.04.03 Terms: 2日

    Client: 看板制作業

    Photos from like to create illustrations of the body dressed.
    Birthday dress up cute things as you can.
    Akin to identity if you touch the picture is faithful, even in the manga
    It could be either.

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  • お店の紹介のA4三つ折りチラシ両面 文字その他打ち込み済み

    お店の紹介のA4三つ折りチラシ両面 文字その他打ち込み済み

    Fee: JPY36,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.03.08 Terms: 16日

    Client: 写真店

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