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Standard Fee

One 3D illustration :JPY30,000

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Draw the women wanted to draw cute girls started so is love!

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illustration character vtuber Live2D


In addition to creating your favorite illustration, we can also divide it so that you can model it with Live2D. It is also possible to model various movements with Live2D, so please contact us for partial requests such as illustration creation, division only, and modeling only. As for the cost, it will change depending on the size and clothes of the created character, so please let us know the characteristics of the desired character along with the budget and delivery date. Generally speaking, creating a new full-body illustration starts at 15,000 yen. Modeling assumes 500 yen per movable part. As for the number of revisions, if the illustration is in the rough stage, we will not charge any additional fees. However, please be aware that this may not be the case if your wishes change frequently. Regarding the number of rough proposals, we will basically set it to 1, and from there we will modify it to meet the client's wishes. Below is a sample model created https://www.youtube.com/shorts/8b4z-GPRovs

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