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One A4-sized color illustration :private

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We 莲花钻石 KASHIWAGI, extrapolation painter k. set clock 师.

Our major dice taken providing extrapolation genealogies, auto painting, square color molding 设计.
My occupation myPhone is painting 插 genealogies 可爱 MoE wind case of woman sexy, possible transform shapes character marks (short-point).
Us-friendly than getting out each kind of each up 插 paintings wind case, 如闪 亮的 CG, watercolor Japanese oil picture genealogies pictures says.
Us-friendly: offer one SWF, AI arrow amount of formality.

Our society host, free discuss men's woman or QMI,

Station powered by 设计 the exhaust version, 设计 标志, attributed the kiyotada 经验, we, waiting for ringtone 的 information ready-wear-marks.
Below come with JP Edition encompassing article subsection Japanese Osamu expences; Ready price low "艺术 House hold Edition encompassing" < "workmanlike 艺术 home retention Edition encompassing sum 中国艺人的国籍 framed house sono other patrons of 户 craft" < < < "艺术 House supply patrons 户 end distribution of PCs Edition encompassing" < < < < < "艺术 House supply patrons 户 end distribution of PCs Edition encompassing Japanese author of road Shunde encompassing interest liable" high price

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  • Gender:private
  • Age:private
  • Career:private
  • Area:Non-Public
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  • ゲームのロゴ修正依頼


    Fee: JPY3,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2011.12.23 Terms: 2日

    Client: 株式会社ニジボックス(デジタルコンテンツサービスの企画・運営・受託)

    Privately held

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  • ゲームのロゴ作成依頼


    Fee: JPY20,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2011.12.09 Terms: 12日

    Client: 株式会社ニジボックス(デジタルコンテンツサービスの企画・運営・受託)

    Privately held

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  • カードゲームの戦闘画面背景 1点

    カードゲームの戦闘画面背景 1点

    Fee: JPY6,500 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2011.12.07 Terms: 5日

    Client: 株式会社ニジボックス(デジタルコンテンツサービスの企画・運営・受託)

    Privately held

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可爱 / background / fad / MoE / cartoon / 4 帧 cartoon shores / 闪电侠 Sunday light / enterprises myPhone tube jigs / crossdressing and shemale / 动物 fantasy / imaginary line extrapolation genealogies / auto painting / station on set clock 标 Kiyoshi, auspicious materials and exhaust version / free car / 西单 张 / watercolor / oil painting / sugar fruit / food


奖 a long history
Best 奖 - "recoil a small editorial new backfield 奖" Syueisha Ltd.
-Baorong earning "character 插 genealogies 奖 baorong homare 奖" Syueisha Ltd.

-In competitive battling in the human image 已 of host, and root installation ' method is products development published.
[Development of yongan 历史]
-Syueisha company: aobo student 插 genealogies
-Puxi publishing company: aobo student 插 genealogies
-One kinds of new 颖 publishing, Ltd. 从 sealing surface of extrapolation genealogies
-Design, Ltd.:-shaped marks on watch consultng 设计, 粗糙 设计 ««desk plate surface
-«A desk set clock Japanese manufacturing, Ltd.: Artweaver-diameter, effect, electric shadows, quality land, genealogies proposed etc.
-Hiroshi Saito, Ltd: Auto painting 小 image production
-B «Ltd: 插 genealogies, genealogies 标, cartoon
-Nijibox company: 标志 设计, point 缀 插 genealogies -闪电侠 Sunday dissolved with views of 宠 of Yue visited Vietnam multi suitable for as introductory "Petiller Fuji measuring game editions.
"Standing 宠 ones on Mixi for 10 day gain"Rosedale keddy Ting Angel"give"与 红字 color fire horses Solentia"
-Publicly held personnel: travel «teaching Japanese 网站-on explanation
-Physical phase of JP, Ltd: 标志 设计

-Individuals: ««iPhone hand desk, phone 脑 «, a personal letter tiles «of «插 genealogies, genealogies pictures says an extrapolation genealogies, 音乐 Association 传 西单, auto painting 视听 consultng 设计 suitable for as stratigraphic-friendly watch of 设计, etc etc.
历史 exhibition
-Personal exhibition 农业展览馆 in law States BA Le, prepared -In United Kingdom Rondon, associate foreign machine tools reported

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