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One 3D modering data :private

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3DCAD and CG software has been used primarily. If you are good at creating 3D data can be used in AutoCAD or create a computer-generated presentation data.
By using 3D data in AutoCAD, namespace checking and design review
To help and the available measurements, etc. Inventor of the mechanical system can work. Component creation is help you use soft InventorLT for the Assembly is not, but.

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AutoCADデータ 地下構造物です。


AutoCADデータ BOXカルバートです。

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3DCAD data created, machine parts, building and civil engineering structures


3D at office furniture company creation in Perth
In game maker 3D modeling background, Mecha. CAD data creation company in creation of 3D data of buildings, civil structures, mechanical systems.

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