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First name much less CO2.
A cute pop and character illustrations and animations, including focusing on video production.
When I was studying at the 20-year-old news program logo and opening animation productions began this work in the wake, make illustrations of video editing, TV, subtitles and then find employment in television production company became independent several years ago.
Such as paper flyers, magazines, TV, movies and Line stamps worked extensively.
In recent years has also produced guidance; Thank you in advance.

  • Creator ID:16065
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:36y.o.
  • Career:16year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:More than 3 months ago




バンドNaked Highのロゴデザイン


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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Pop design such as video editing, subtitles, magazines and other characters


In 2008, tvk "NEWS930" logo & intro video production

"SMAP×SMAP" bridge production
"National Business Council party video"

Music production, Director, storyboard

"Flowing hanging island" illustrations

Creative competition art award for excellence

iPhone case exhibition in Paris Hello Kitty to issho!
x @games

Music Director / Storyboard / animation

ASIAGRAPH rock Mania Awards 2011 movie award of excellence

Titans of TV animation"gone" open animation production
At promotion EXPO seiren co., Ltd. booth

CO2 design dakimakura pillow display
AKB48 "Labrador Retriever" first type A bonus clip

Mariko Nakamura were larger men Department of graphic design

Comedy late meeting THE BOY IN WHITE illustrations
Nogizaka slope 46 stage "unintrusive camel"

Stage video production & video in Line stamp design

Matsudaira Ken, Teruhiko Saigō and 梅雀 Nakamura starring "three and out," stage production
Baba Fumi and Mamiya, taro other appearances

Edit the movie "black rebellion" Other 2.5-dimensional musical stage pictures and illustrations, including many engaged in the key code pairs for.

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