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Standard Fee

Design a Postcard :JPY5,000

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Satisfaction good good good good good (4.99)

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Jp 日本語


Fun and casual atmosphere featuring cherish.
If charm too hard, too silly, with products to help you. At the printing company has been with mainly design, editing, and image processing.
I think the experience based on the various possibilities like to try.
Best regards.

  • Creator ID:15590
  • Gender:private
  • Age:private
  • Career:16year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within 3 days


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  • 16pまたは24pのカタログ制作


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2017.03.03 Terms: 20日

    Client: Self-Employed

    -Objective / summary to create a brochure: (detailed)
     -Output file specification:
     File format:
     Size: A4

    Number of pages: 16

    -Applications: products

    -Allowance material: excerpts from th...

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  • 2月号のご依頼


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2017.02.05 Terms: 4日

    Client: AkiBalletStudio(Education)

    Specification: A4 Perak (two-sided full-color)
    Production environment:MacOSX, IndesignCC2017
    Payment data: text and photos provided
    Work: design, layout, illustration, some post production
    Delivery da...

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  • バレエ教室の月間お手紙制作(年間継続依頼)


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2016.12.17 Terms: 16日

    Client: AkiBalletStudio(Other Industory(習い事教室))

    Production of regular newspapers (bi-monthly) Activities: from the post script to design.
    Part, article writing.
    Submission format: text and picture material Delivery formats: print Pack for data (PDF...

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  • 学祭Tシャツのデザイン


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2016.10.15 Terms: 17日

    Client: 個人(Student)

    T shirt for logo creation
    Activities: clients ' of the image make additions and changes based on the data
    Specifications of the delivered file: 34 x 40 cm size Usage: Festival come to circle t-shirt

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  • サムネ用イラスト制作


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2016.09.10 Terms: 2日

    Client: Business Owner

    Video delivery for your character
    Activities: rough sketch of the clients who paid than illustrations.
    File format:PNG形式 Size: 500 x 500 pixels

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Illustration, WEB advertising, brochure design, poster


Printing company to work 8 years
[Main business]
DTP work in prepress, POP, brochures and WEB advertising design and map production.
[Software that you can use: Adobe:Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and Aftereffects

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