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Born in Osaka, living in.
Illustration production offices, Konami co., Ltd. in 2003 to become independent, freelance and current through. We have draws things ranging from the production of illustrations of characters, a little part of illustration, logo design.

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  • Age:private
  • Career:27year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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[Track record]

It is an easy experience.
International city OTA days Festival in sky / Haneda (Japan language version and English version posters, flyers)
' 13 Food Expo (4/26/2013 (gold) ~ 5/6 Intex Osaka) Bldg. 3, U.S. (my) Le Marche food education center Asian, Oriental, American, European, African booths and the upstream or pulling out ' of was responsible for booth, kidswonder restaurant and food education stage of eight illustrations.
Creators Exposition 4 this city's character design and logo design.
Japan student support mechanisms like B full size poster for illustration (3 times)
Doshisha University-like mascot character design
Kyoto meet Baba-like event poster illustration
Corporation Symantec like Norton Internet Security 2008 catalog for illustrations and (Japan domestic, English version)
Corporation DIC like Shiatsu massage shop ' CORI takes Dragon ' as the character and logo design.
Co., Ltd. recruit like marriage information magazine sexy intro featured illustrations set. JR West Japan-like stamp rally logo design and cut illustration, etc.
(More than once)
Kyoto Heian Takehisa like brochures for illustrations
P & G as Joey storefront pop illustrations for (National Edition)
Pachinko capture magazinetvila and in a series of cut illustration
Pachinko industry business journal "sequences, like the illustration series (total of 10 sessions)
Hanshin high speed road event poster illustration
Various magazines cut illustration Sketch rough candy with some animation copyright bonus sticker

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