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Website Development

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We mainly work on the development of web systems and websites. My name is Developer MinimumOpus. Requirements definition-We have all-mighty business experience, regardless of upstream or downstream, such as operation and maintenance using Munin, as well as development in various languages and combination testing. The following is your specialty, but it would be appreciated if you could consult with other projects. Languages: PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, C #, HTML, CSS Framework etc: Smarty (PHP), WordPress (PHP), jQuery (JS), Angular (JS / TS) DB: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle DB 9i Platform: Windows , Linux (CentOS / Ubuntu), Microsoft Azure (Worker role etc.) Middleware and maintenance: Apache, NginX, Munin, Docker, Vagrant

  • Creator ID:24994
  • Gender:private
  • Age:21y.o.
  • Career:4year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Two years of development at MFC (Visual C ++), one year of web application development on Microsoft Azure, two years of web application development at Runy on Rails + HTML5, and one year of web application development in PHP I will. A specific example is covered from the perspective of confidentiality, but has participated in projects of various sizes (1 to 30 people), Pharmacy website (with reservation form), in-house financial system, IoT There is a big data collection system that you used.


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