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Jp 日本語

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I produce various illustrations such as background illustrations, character illustrations, Moe illustrations, and toy illustrations. I am particularly good at background illustrations. Currently, I work as a freelance illustrator. ▼ Possible operations / skills · a wide range of illustrations production · character design · fashion design ▼ results examples · application main illustrations · virtual youtuber image illustrations · game standing picture etc ※ For convenience of confidentiality, there are also results that can not be described. ▼ About activity time / communication For freelance, we cope flexibly. Please feel free to contact us if you have any urgent items. Contact is basically possible anytime. I will try to reply as quickly as possible, but if I have started production, I may have time. I would appreciate your understanding. ▼ Please do not hesitate to speak if you are interested in such things as specials / likes, appreciation of illustrations, and collection of beautiful photos. There is a point not to be reached, but we look forward to interacting with our customers in the future! Thank you in advance!

  • Creator ID:24615
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:private
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:More than 3 months ago


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Background illustration, character design, Moe illustration


The copyright transfer fee is basically twice the order fee. In addition, we can not accept requests with age restrictions


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