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Jp 日本語



Nice to meet you!

My name is Yuki freelance writer in the mountains.

Ask us in writing my mountains can Ito by cartoonist Roy request manga illustrations.
-Strengths We try our best to write articles when writing such as "books", "newspaper" magazine "Internet" and "coverage" through a careful study, a more descriptive. Also it can be generalized to specialized in business by findings by the learned in school management and marketing knowledge and experience, and reading large amounts of strengths.

Internet-related services, always apply to gather information.
 < Appeal points Like reading from a young age, we have obtained learning from books so far. Many business books, especially the student familiar with the practical, even mentally and have been saved many times. Also, started to write little by little on the web and became independent in 2013.

At present we have freelance writer. Shoeisha, or we work with Mizuno, Toshiya's business book authors in recent times, it's has been an increasing number work in planning the us involved as a writer, book-related.

Otsuka foods Ms interview experience for kewpie-San to enterprise customers and customers or owners ' accumulated steadily, we are engaging in business every day, and be able to grow as a writer. Contents of sentences are written is the main business (strategic management, marketing, etc.), regardless of genre, we responded to what sentence request. Also published, according to the characteristics of each sentence configure let our we.

If you have can help you even a little is there still the youngest person in the whole story.

Please, thank you. Yuki in the mountains

  • Creator ID:13091
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:40y.o.
  • Career:19year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:More than 3 months ago


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Interview, interview, comic, comics, manga


[Freelance writer mountains Yuki]
-Career After graduating from University, condominium developer, human resource venture companies working in sales. Handicaps to do work and crowdsourcing focusing on writing request, independence as a freelance writer from 4/2013. Being recently engaged in book-related work to the present day, including content creation companies and owned media. Japan remaking grammar course.

Areas of expertise are corporate management, strategy, marketing, and other business-related.
☆ interviewees (last year)
Mr. Geng Kozo Hiramatsu former Livedoor CEO
Mr. soil makiura (pick Ted "twelve of the world's youth")
Edge feather, Hideko (Visa SK co., Ltd.)
Mr. Takumi Yamaguchi (representative of PR TIMES)
Mr. t. Sakamoto (smile works co., Ltd.)
Mr. Makoto Itō (rimOnO co., Ltd. (lemon) representative original bureaucracy)
UI Yoshiyuki (Columbus's egg founder General Orchestra Corporation Japan Food Advisor Association founder)
Takayuki Nakamura (Professor, Kanagawa Institute of technology "kotoba no puzzle type PI boobs Tan" developer)

Hiroshi Ono (University Professor University Admissions Center for research development Professor, Fukuoka)
• Proven PR Crowdsourcing service "coconara" texts created in 2 years, keep the top ranking (number of orders). Texts created's many books brochure, corporate owned media content, newsletters, newsletters, press release, sales letter, SNS post, promotion exam writing a draft, school recommendation statement creation, etc.

In addition, leading companies and interview experience for those who are rich.
☆ 1 example of writing articles
"English navigation system"

"Founding Handbook'


"General Association festivo"

* Business partners 1 example (excerpt)

Inc. mynavi infobahn, gaiax co. Ltd., value drives co., Ltd., shoeisha co., Ltd., and other small businesses, stores, publishers, including private business owners.

[Cartoonist Ito Roy]
[Curriculum vitae] Started drawing in his childhood. Many accepted contest in schools and community. In the junior high school age responsible for the editor in Chief of the journal. Edit the picture nationwide Illustrator and cartoonist wannabe. Developed subsequently sold at Comiket illustration comics, Exhibition Organizer, camera included news gathering activities, including a wide range of activities. From Shogakukan had honorable mentions. In the 33-year-old independence as a cartoonist and Illustrator. Wide offering illustration manga now, specializing in business systems.

Exhibit experience in foreign countries too.
[Actual] Illustrations and manga career is more than 20 years.

Manga illustrations ever produced up to 10000 points.
Work involved
HP, brochure, flyers, newspapers, books, CD covers, magazine, brochure

For the DVD design, app, business card design, cosmetic bottles, bath salts, and other package design
Mitsui rehouse, askul Corporation, Kawasaki City, JTB, Nikkan sports
Other small business ventures, clinics, etc.

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