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Ohno original guitarist classic to expand activities in a variety of genres, and music production unit by Tetsuya Ueda bassist in progressive rock circles boasting great popularity and credibility.

Until now we CM issue for many companies, social issues and provided music.
■ all music genres and scale of projects is available
Utilizing the expertise each of two different genres of production responsible for the
Providing high-quality music in a wide range of genres of music.
Also compatible with short-term delivery of large-sized issues.
■ music production utilizing the players skill For two people in an experienced player is vital in modern music production music. Cut costs outside Studio home studio recording.
Also utilizing each other's networks, available to all musicians.
■ for other non-music production, including editing and sound
Requests pertaining to any sound other music production PC rich-editing skills are also available.
■ global development
Two of them deep relations with overseas project by Chinese and English, Thailand can be supported.

Focuses on global activities.
■ recruitment and staffing Utilizing the production, school, and various contacts each instrument players, Narrator, voice actor to fit your budget and would like to introduce.

  • Creator ID:13055
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:private
  • Career:private
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:More than 3 months ago


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There are no project which is permited to show here.


For game BGM, SE, jingles, pachislot and pachinko machines for BGM, SE, etc.


■ gaming
Android-powered Smartphones games social networking "GaYa" in app.
"Dance Me ' o (Mio)" background music, jingles, SE production

Type RPG social game apps via BGM, SE, jingle production
■ music production, arrangement Daughter of Chita.
"Handa city Club and LOVE"
Tf-Boys "faith, names", "dream KIA Aero"
2001 Makuhari eco-fashion show
2002 generation eco car world fashion people tree Park
Tokyo Designer block NET marble-marble parlor "assault gear" and "rocking Bull"
Chinese deep Shenzhen interested Yi Co., Ltd. in presentation for BGM
Other consumer game machines for promotional PV and CM song production
Mobile gaming theme TSC lyrics, composition, arrangement, performance

Pharmaceutical company promotional song productions, etc.
■ demonstration base
Storm single Beautiful days usually version song "unforgettable"
Nissan JUKE Web for content a special movie BGM
KPE magical Halloween 4 Insert song "Ueda Atsushi beauty /Crossing Heart"
KPE pachislot demon Castle Dracula insert song "trezire de spirit"
KONAMI Jubeat Ripples insert song "GIGABREAK"
KONAMI Guitar Freaks & Drum Aniav5 the Insert song "CHIMERA"
            KONAMI 96 Black Album insert song "KAISER PHOENIX"
            "PHOENIX CALAITY"
"Progressive Kids"
       Orbital resonance 1 stt album "Absolute Separation"
Proto Cosmos 2nd album
Tamiko, 1st album "spicy!"

Hanuman 1st album "Bonus Track2556"
■ guitar performances
Pony Canyon Okamoto tomotaka single NHK everybody's song to the sky"
Pony man Seiko "MUSICAL MOMENTS" journal "Memoly", "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"
Toshiba EMI Okinawa compilation album wind where nostalgia journal still Aya 'alae'
Tokuma Japan Italy Fujisaki child "ITO Fujisaki child zenkyoku" journal "so two people"
Tokuma Japan Goda michito "Goda michito zenkyoku" journal "cheers departure and parting glass-"
Tokuma Japan natsukawa twilight Lane, single journal "without hesitation" arranged & produced by
Still Oh happiness
Negoro kana "MISTO", "Nihon no Uta" nohara-UTA
Tsering dongdup "oath"
KPE magical Halloween 4 Insert song "Ueda Atsushi beauty /Crossing Heart"
Kokami "English girl" directed by Akira Matsuda "ghost of winter"
Hyogo-Shun films divided into those
Cadokawawebb cinema Hong Kong S.A.R. Butterfly
Haiyuza Theatre "style in the fragrant days"

Hotchkazhiro animation "juugaia" * first youtube nextup award
Supervision, performances and commentary Shimamura instrument co., Ltd. classical guitar textbook

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