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This is a watercolor heartwarming and fit your dramatic until depicts the main Illustrator / graphic designer.
Illustration specialty are nature, animals, figures, fantasy.
Each media (magazines, novels etc.) illustrations, poster, calendar, illustrated map, pop, anime, WEB for illustration, caricature, etc.;

Design experienced DTP, logo, flyer, poster, newspaper advertisement, brochure, catalog, etc.
Active graphic designers, so try drawing illustrations tailored to the medium.

Data submission is also possible.

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  • Career:28year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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There are no project which is permited to show here.


[Curriculum vitae] Within ad ( BA of Arts) degree after the San Francisco City certified communities in the United States, produced a caricature or illustrations.

In addition, within the United States as a free Illustrator and graphic de signer activities after the after returning to Japan domestic graphic design company after working, active Illustrator / graphic designer in action.
[Business performance]
 -English conversation schools English conversation teaching illustration English Flash cards, catalog company.
-Coast sign illustrations 2000
2002-United States business invitation design by (TX, United States)
-San Francisco City certified community artist caricatures and illustrations, sales ( CA, United States) 2004 ~ 2006
-Company logo design 2007
• Freelance translation proofreading (United States, FL) 2000-2007
Illustrations, maps and production 2010
In Tai Chi Chuan Association logo 2010
-English conversation school flyers, posters, catalogs, flyers, etc. 2008-2012

-Avery Dennison, caricatures, design 2010
Advertising Bachelor of BA (Baccalaureate of Arts) get ( CA, United States)

Member of Association of Japan Illustrator
[PC skills: Illustrator, Photoshop


Drawing of hand-drawn cartoons.
Is a good gag, serious, comic story, stories, 4 frames, etc..

Please leave some animals.

The production description cartoon so please contact us. Put the pen is hand-painted, so the correction, easily fixed if so let us before the draft.

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