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One A4-sized color illustration :JPY15,000

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Jp 日本語

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I'm a cartoonist. I have experience of series issue in a magazine. I can draw from general style of cartoon which everyone likes, to sexually attractive cartoon for adults.
So I have experience in normal ad cartoon, magazine for sex-related business, etc. Anyhow, I do almost every kind of works.

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  • Career:26year(s)
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カナダ RIM社のスマートフォンblack berryの販促漫画 です。

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Ad Manga


1987 Won second prize for Comic Morning Manga Prize by Kodansya
1989 Learned Manga working as an assistant for a famous cartoonist, Kiyoshi Nagamatsu
1993 Debut as a cartoonist as Manga Goraku, Nihon Bungei-sya.

After that, published comics from Bunka-sha, Akita-Syoten, Shonen-Gaho.
Main Comics;
"Koi ha Wonderful (Love is Wonderful)" Issued 1 comic, Nihon Bungei-sya "Minori-chan NO-DODY!"
Issued 4 comics, bunka-sya "Cho Haken Syain Natsuko (Super temporary staffNatsuko)" Issued 1 comic, Shonen-Gaho

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