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One A4-sized color illustration :JPY12,000

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I mainly create Live2D models and create standing illustrations for IRIAM. I specialize in illustrations with androgynous faces and crisp, anime-like coloring. I have a strong sense of responsibility and always value three things: reporting, consulting, and communicating. We make every effort to meet the delivery deadline once set. We value our relationships with our clients, and we strive to give them peace of mind by providing detailed explanations and paying attention to every detail. We will do our best to support you so that we can solve problems together and achieve results. We will respond to your message within 3 days.

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Gorgeous illustrations, Live2D, character design


It would be helpful if you could provide designs created on picrew or similar, as well as designs that you like or would like to include with the character. If you have a design source, please check the terms of use before making a request. Please do not claim to be the creator. I do not force you to do so, but I would appreciate it if you could include my name if you use it commercially. This does not include a special clause that does not exercise the moral rights of the author. Please refrain from excessive processing. - Actions that damage the original shape of the illustration, such as creating a severed head - Actions that change the color of part or the whole of an illustration without permission - Actions that modify an illustration and change parts of it (hairstyle, facial expression, etc.) without permission - Actions that use AI to output and post it on SNS, etc.

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