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▲Mental Service Center Representative/Counselor. He has been involved in supporting domestic violence victims for many years, and at the same time is a leading authority on rehabilitation programs for domestic violence perpetrators in Japan, and his practice has been widely introduced in newspapers, TV, magazines, etc..Human Rights Producer of the teaching material "DV Karuta". ▲Part-time lecturer at Daito Bunka University. Steering committee member of the Tokyo branch of the Japan Counseling Society. His books include ``Domestic Violence'' (Iwanami Shoten), ``Clinical Psychological Trials for Men Who Perpetrate Domestic Violence - New Developments in Violence Prevention Programs'' (Shinsuisha), and co-authored ``Standard Introduction to Music Therapy Part 2'' (Shunjusha). ``Psychology for Creating Peace'' (Nakanishiya Publishing), and many others. Qualifications: Certified Counseling Psychologist by the Japan Counseling Association. NLP Master Practitioner. ▲We receive requests for lectures and training sessions widely from family courts, national research institutions, local governments, bar associations, universities, academic societies, etc. Excellent training guidance is supported by many people. ▲As part of our campaign to prevent domestic violence through music, we commissioned Makoto Nomura to compose a piano piece that prays for the eradication of domestic violence, and we have continued to perform this piece on the piano both in Japan and overseas for about 20 years. He has played the piano at a wide range of occasions, including concerts for peace, lunchtime concerts at live music venues, mini-concerts at academic conferences, and symposiums on domestic violence issues, and has advocated that ``world peace begins at home.''

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  • Age:69y.o.
  • Career:private
  • Area:Japan
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Worked as a psychologist in psychiatric care at Tokyo Musashino Hospital, Saito Clinic, etc., and also worked as a part-time counselor at a local government's educational counseling office and a part-time counselor at a university's sexual harassment counseling office, and has extensive clinical experience in psychology. Gain experience. In 1990, he established the Mental Service Center, a psychological counseling organization, and engaged in clinical psychology practice. At the same time, he served as a lecturer at Toho Gakuen University and Waseda University. In recognition of our long-standing pioneering efforts to address domestic violence issues, we received the 2015 Social Contributor Award from the Social Contribution Support Foundation.

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