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  • Creator ID:29961
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:35y.o.
  • Career:0year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Proofreading,Editing,Speech Writing,WEB Contents,Article / Column


We provide rewriting of texts (mainly product and service introductions), reviews, and advice on service improvement. I am good at writing easy-to-understand sentences, service analysis, and objective evaluation. --------------------------- [Specialties] We focus on articles related to spirituality and fortune-telling. account for about 80%. I also enjoy reading, and have wide-ranging interests in genres other than spirituality. (Especially, I like philosophy, psychology, science, and scientific fields.) In the future, I would like to challenge such things if the conditions are right. We are looking forward to your kind response. Thank you. [Orders received so far (including external sites)] <Reviews and questionnaires> ・Fortune-telling reviews (9 cases) ・Questionnaire work (6 cases) ・Book reviews about 200 to 500 characters (6 cases) ・Inbound response quality improvement Role-play work for the purpose <writing, editing, rewriting> ・Rewriting of fortune-telling service introduction sentences ・Advice on improving fortune-telling services ・Editing of e-books: about 8000 characters (3 cases)・Transcription of phone calls: approx. 2000 characters (8 cases) ・Financial texts: approx. 13,000 characters ・Psychological texts: approx. 8,000 characters


・Please contact us regarding the delivery date.

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