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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY16,000

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I'm a female photographer based in Yokohama. Currently, I am shooting mainly at Shichigosan, coming-of-age ceremony, and bridal at a photo studio in Yokohama. With professional skills and experience, we will take pictures that will be memorable for a lifetime. Why don't you take pictures such as Shichigosan, coming-of-age ceremony, family pictures and profile pictures such as marriage activities? Also, since I love cats, I also accept pictures of pets such as dogs and cats. Please feel free to contact us.

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People and Portrait Photography


Please fill in the following when making inquiries or requesting a quote.・ Shooting contents Shichigosan ・ Profile etc. Details of contents About costumes, dressing, hair, etc. ・ Desired shooting date and time (up to the third candidate) ・ Number of people shooting

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Comment: 交通費は別途実費をいただきます。撮影許可が必要な場所での撮影は事前にお客様の方で撮影許可をお取引ください。(施設利用料はご自身でご負担きださい。)

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