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Nice to meet you. My name is Fukusuga from Team Creative. Our HP production has the following features. [8 features of team creative] ・ Site production by WordPress ・ Budget is 30,000 yen ~ ・ Delivery time is 1 week ~ ・ Design is presented at the time of hearing ・ Rational design for the purpose of attracting customers ・ Supervised by SEO consultant Websites that produce results-Ultra-fast display speed-Use servers at ultra-low prices [Four reasons for choosing Team Creative] Reason 1) Realization of [Low budget] x [Ultra-fast speed] x [Design that is strong in sales] At our company, there are many cases where we deliver from hearing to delivery in a minimum of one week. "Why can you make a design that works so fast and on a low budget?" That's because we use pre-designed design templates. This makes it possible to meet your wishes in terms of speed, design, and budget by making a fill-in-the-blank. Reason 2) Reliable production results We have a production record of more than 300 sites in the past. Reason 3) It is possible to handle not only HP production but also attracting customers The site produced by our company can respond to attracting customers by simply producing it. Reason 4) Flexible response to customization requests We also support customization and editing at a low price. "Isn't it possible to do this?" "I would like to add something like this! Please feel free to contact us at any time." Finally, we will post a link to the sample site created by us. We would appreciate it if you could refer to the created image below. ① http://kenni.cherrytree-salon.com/ ② http://kirinuki.fukusugayuya.com/ ③ https://diver01.fukusugayuya.com/ If you are interested in our production, please contact us back. , I would like to make a quotation after having a meeting once. I kindly thank you.

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We have a track record of producing more than 300 sites in the past. In addition, as a result of SEO, we have won the 1st place in "Maebashi grave cleaning agency amount" and the 2nd place in "Maebashi grave visiting agency".

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