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Thank you for browsing. My name is Umesaki. I live in the country with my husband and two protected cats. I've loved drawing since I was little, and I belonged to the art department and high school in the art department. As an adult, I have more time not to draw, but I resumed painting practice about two years ago and realized the fun again. Thankfully, I started working as an illustrator as I started to get jobs and sales, albeit little by little, such as personal icon production, merchandise sales, LINE stamps, and cut illustrations of Youtube thumbnails. I am mainly good at cats and illustrations of cats and people together. I think it has a characteristic that captures the behavior of cats and people and makes you imagine the atmosphere of the place and the relationship between the two. In addition, I am good at drawing fun illustrations for the eyes, such as making cats into deformed characters and designing them like logos and wallpapers. In addition, I am currently working as a foster parent for protected cats, but in the future I would like to work as a protector. It is actually taking care of protected cats and looking for foster parents, and also contributing to activities such as conservation groups through illustrations. It's like an illustration x a cat, but I'm motivated to work only for people! I am happy if we have a good relationship and can work happily with each other. Thank you!

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[Main work] SNS icon creation Youtube thumbnail illustration LINE stamp creation Goods sales [Awards, etc.] February 2021 Art Ippi planning theme "cat" selected, limited-time goods and sales [Job history] Mainly for nearly 10 years I have experienced various tasks as a temporary worker. Nakai Golf Club restaurant staff at a hot spring inn Call center for internet failure Real estate office work, sales office Car rental shop Car audio performance evaluation Animal hospital Nurse Camera factory Construction site help ... etc. I don't know until I try anything! I live with the motto.


・ We cannot accept orders for projects that include sexual or violent expressions.・ The copyright transfer fee is basically double the order fee.・ We cannot accept orders for projects that do not exercise the moral rights of the author.


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