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One calligraphy logo :JPY10,000

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Jp 日本語

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As a qualification that I have learned calligraphy for 13 years, I am proposing a free writing form and powerful characters that are not in the form already acquired by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Culture written by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

  • Creator ID:23424
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:24y.o.
  • Career:3year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:More than 3 months ago


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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Brush character


Currently I am working on cooking related work I started completely by my hobby.


When you receive an order, please let me know what kind of placement letters to write with your request If you have any request please let me know what you think is original idea * The delivery scans what you wrote and saves it as JPEG / We will send it in PNG format file ※ Please also tell in advance if you are saying that if you are saying that you do not want to go out as it may be sent to the list of achievements of the work that other sites are doing and handed over, The price will be doubled if it becomes


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