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One A4-sized color illustration :JPY20,000

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Jp 日本語

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  • Creator ID:20351
  • Gender:private
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  • Career:7year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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cartoon cute heartwarming retro


Japan Illustrator Association (JIA) member lives and lives in Osaka. From around 2000 he began drawing manga and started to publish manga on the web site from around 2003. About 2 years since 2006, serialized the manga "adventure girl" reading dogma publication "Manga boys dogma (1) - (4)". About two years from 2007, draw a manga to PR railway system IC card with free magazine distributed at the Kansai private railway subway station and so on. In 2009, contributed a musical-style manga "walking in the streets" to Yamasaka Shobo "The first volume of the magazine cartoon magazine". Participated in the 2009 "Shigeru Sugiura 101 Year Festival" tribute illustration. From 2010 Dogma publication, the book "adventure girl" will be published. From 2010 Blue in the face Manga App "Adventure Girl" "Madoka Otome" started distribution for smartphones. A solo exhibition "Yukai World Manga Exhibition of Ashimo" was held at 2012 Tonka Book Store in Kobe Motomachi. Started serializing "Pleasant Otome Miyo-chan" at the portal site 2014 at 2015 Osaka Teradacho Sanwa Art Cafe Solo exhibition "Asukamo's Yukai Manga World Exhibition 2015" was held. As the unit "Illustration Studio hoga * raka" in 2015, we will start selling caricatures & illustration goods mainly on the Marche · art event in Kansai. In 2016 he works on designing "Ushimaru Maru and Benkei Yukari" · Matsubara Kyogoku shopping district offering "Yobori" design. I am also in charge of character design of Ushimaru Maru and Benkei. "Four bowls" of the four-frame cartoon design called for a topic and taken up in the Kyoto newspaper. In 2017, he was in charge of a musical "Lounge House Chikazuki" character illustration hosted by Neyagawa City. "Neighborhood's Chikabuki Character Painting Exhibition" was held at Neyagawa-shi Arcs Hall.


●After exchanging information about the content, we will create a rough draft and ask you to confirm it before proceeding with production. ●Please let us know the publication medium and purpose of use. [Work flow] (For one color illustration) Confirmation of details such as size and contents. Price proposal. ↓ Submission of a rough drawing (It will take about 1 week to submit on the same day) ↓ If you have any instructions for correction, please let me know. (Same day to 3 days for correction submission.) ↓ Submit completed illustration (same day to 1 week) Production software CLIP STUDIO PAINT Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Illustrator CC

Currently, this creator is not available for new projects. Please consider to find other creators.
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