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One calligraphy logo :JPY72,000

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Jp 日本語

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Calligrapher and designer.
Study of classical and character design, and acts as a specialist brush character design.
To try capped concept more clearly and accurately convey the theme that incorporated images of various characters in analog and digital two techniques to design and are proud.

Provides that the certificate is authentic and ideals and fusion of classical and commercial design in the us, was designed with a high level of dignity, customer satisfactory works. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Creator ID:1871
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:44y.o.
  • Career:13year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Brush character design, logo design, calligraphy illustration, new year's postcards


2012.7 NHK E TV show ' Nippon of performing arts performing arts hyakka ryoran ' stage set 'nothingness' k.
2012.6 (Shares) marvelous AQL PSVITA game Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS for amphibole rebellion masthead and logo creation
2012.5 (Shares) Genco anime 'Kagura' logo creation
2011.12 No. 40 times Japan calligraphy exhibition annual Excellence Award
2011.5 (Shares) marvelous AQL Nintendo 3 DS soft "senran - girls -' masthead and logo creation
2010.12 (Corp.) NPC Johnny 'A.B.C-Z' group name k.
2009.7 (Shares) greeting company books [sum remains in the heart new year's card: 4 points
2009.6 (Shares) C & R Research Institute book [2010 new year's data collection] greeting 23 points
2009.5 (Shares) インフィニブレイン T shirt handwriting characters [Nate] [healed], 2 point k.
2009.5 Kochi Prefecture Governor prize at 20 total kokusho exhibition on mountain Memorial of in Oka periphrastic
2009.4 (Shares) FROMSOFTWARE PSP games [Tenchu 3]--[3] k.
2009.3 (Shares) masthead k. Akita Shoten young champion manga [spring road]
2009.1 (Shares) kogado Chapel Studios game [tsuki liar and dog God] masthead k.
2008.12 (Shares) regional information Center Magazine [and also bear economic] cover masthead k.
2008.12 Get the Japan book aircraftmakers Academy teacher ranked
2008.8 (Shares) imaginative [黒まめ scrap manju] product name k.
2008.8 (Shares) company books [year of memorable] cover masthead k.
2008.5 (Shares) kogado Chapel Studios video game [demon-no-miya] masthead k.
2008.4 (Shares) FROMSOFTWARE game Tenchu 4 masthead material provided
2008.2 Welcome Board handwriting characters-thanks k.
2008.1 (Shares) キャリアマート company mission gate
2007.12 57 Japan book aircraftmakers hospital competition award at the
2007.9 (Shares) will be free as calligrapher FROMSOFTWARE resigned after the
2003-06 (Shares) by FROMSOFTWARE [of hero Yoshitsune] [Tenchu] series masthead
2003.12 Watanabe-Mei Professor studied under classical Center to learn
2000.12 (Shares) job as a designer at FROMSOFTWARE 1981-97 He studied Hioki average, Dr. MATSUDA, Kiyoko


Besides the character positions as well as pencil illustrations.

Please please please. Use application :Photoshop7.0 Illustrator delivery formats: PSD, JPG, AI, etc.


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