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One page cartoon :private

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Jp 日本語


Illustrator painting PEAR people is.
Your sister, his chubby bloody characters

Travellers can meet all your needs in the best production. Nice woman might curb travellers.

  • Creator ID:11733
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:16year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within a month



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Illustrations cut anime girls deformed illustrations book cover image logo design


■ Books / brochures / flyer / print media
-Omega company @ Ikeda Shoten [girls pounding doubt search] / music town illustrations (Shares)
WILL [FREEPAPER RION] / inaugural issue-No. 3 cover illustration-column illustration (Shares) @Belle Vie [instruction!
Easy self-care] / design & illustration
(Shares) @e-college / University Circle Magazine: Lawson crew recruitment page illustrations
(Shares) @e-college / University Circle Magazine: Bento development planning page illustrations (Shares)
My Corporation [manipulative Salon Belle Vie] / campernflayer (Shares)
My Corporation [KTS] and school brochures and envelope design
Co., Ltd Takemoto [founding anniversary] / flyer design (Shares)
WILL [WOODLIFE] business card design
-System Explorer / proposal illustrations
[A] et ya] restaurant menu coupon design
[Four-leaf shop] performances flyer ticket brochure design
[Shurei] magician and new year cards design in key Visual illustration
Advertising design: [gallerytakimoto] [daidoseimei] [Kit shop] [White essence] [ouan]

Child care Park letter cut-graduation Miscellany cut-cards
■ Web/Mobile
DoCoMo official site [ibodymo] membership content and article illustrations for 166 points
[PAL] Papa Mama cheering campaign illustrations
-Loftwork [Google video] / profile screen illustration
DoCoMo official site [365 T shirt] and Kinoshita illustration design
Odawara city homepage [Q & A page: character illustrations
Co., Ltd. [marble mascot: frog x / avatar illustration
-Frog x / leading anime site featured illustration
-Loftwork [CROOZ! blog] / blog skin illustrations
Co., Ltd. / Freek [awaiting receive ★ all-you-can-eat] awaiting receive illustrations
(Stocks) OnNet [MyPC] / illustrations
Co., Ltd. [business OMC] in telnets / Deco mail picture, mascot character illustrations
Co., Ltd. [bespoke COM] in telnets and "Catch the Sky-Earth SOS-PC emblem icon illustration
Co., Ltd. [t-on] in telnets / star coin system for wallpaper illustration
Co., Ltd. [consumer OMC] in telnets / Christmas card and greeting for illustration
Co., Ltd. [bespoke COM] in telnets / "ashlafantasyonline" icon and PC bust-up-PC twin pin NAP-PC yukata body figure
Co., Ltd. [bespoke COM] in telnets / 'Tokyo ghost story' icon PC bust-up PC body figures, PC gruppinnap, PC 4 frame, Valentine pin NAP
Co., Ltd. [bespoke COM] in telnets / "axdia God demon wars' icon, PC bust-up-PC twin pin NAP
Co., Ltd. [bespoke COM] in telnets / "Holy beast Thorne' PC twin pin NAP-PC single pin NAP
Co., Ltd. [bespoke COM] in telnets / "eternal voice Legend' PC 4 frames
(Aerobic) Holmes Shinkai / character design
Adult troupe Jie tribe configuration home page main illustrations [SAMPLE]
[Sakura communication] home page main banner, banner illustration
[Comic Mart] for ez-web awaiting receive image delivery [WingMail]

BanaGate / mascot
■ Deco-mail template and illustration
(Shares) @avex [mu-mo] @USEN [Deco King] about.com [decoget] @BIGLOBE [star Deco] [decogirl] [decoboy] [Princess Mo Tedesco NO.1] -Frog x [local decoy] | (Shares) Reid [gorgonzola] |
-Freek [girls ★ all-you-can-eat] [Memorial Day ★ mail] [de korita girl] -Tenda | -Boogie |

(Aerobic) Sheehan
■ tenant / billboards / toy / logo / banner flag (Shares)
YAMASHIN / logo design (Shares)
We provide WILL-store sleeve signage design production and mascot (Shares)
WILL [FREEPAPER RION] & polo shirt design (Shares)
WILL [WOODLIFE] / logo design (Shares)
My Corporation [manipulative Salon Belle Vie] / logo design (Shares)
My Corporation [KTS] / logo design
[Peach] store sign illustrations
[Beans] character design and product sticker illustrations [Satchan deli] Deli's character design and product sticker illustrations

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