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Character of the band and CD jackets

JPY29,000 (Tax Included)
36 days
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Band CD jacket illustration and image Kara


Satoshi Yamada Jp
Japan (Individual) Male private Offered Projects:845
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Proposed rough draft to the original hearing in the case notes, project rooms
2 Medium_3 Medium_4
Further hearings and deliver data in a specified format
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Very satisfied good good good good good
Detailed request finished goods for them according to rework many times, very close to the ideal of the top us
評価 提案力:4 コミュニケーション力:5 納品物の満足度:5 納期の正確さ:4 対応の早さ:3
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Satisfied good good good good good
行き着けた much sooner to the creators of this and I think if I made martial science
Project Detail


JPY29,000 (Tax Included)

Completed Date



36 days

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the Character

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Transfer copyright to the Client(The Artist will NOT exercise her/his moral rights)

Project Detail

Ask the band image character creation
Band name ray steel

Image chain

Image of the character have have Devil's iron sphere Drake's fantasy-iron giant iron ball (iron ball chained to want dispose of)
Illustrations to the style SD Gundam anime 2 cut
Realistic illustration 1 use CG jacket cut

Gotta have to be elaborate background of the latter is fine,
Illustrations would like us to not pretty / handsome, musculo-skeletal sinews of will be an offensive guy
No such character unless you saw the works of the past, but please quote if possible Sends the image illustrations here if possible

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