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Born in 1989, from Saitama prefecture. After being involved in sales of new graduates at My Navi Co., Ltd., he worked in area promotion as a production director at Recruit Communications Co., Ltd. In 2019, won the 6th Next Standard Award Creative Division Grand Prix (W) and MVD (Most Valuable Director) Special Award. Freelance, he works as a photographer and writer, producing SNS projects such as "Akamoto Joshi" and "Chuo Line and her". Others are Hachimantai City support citizens.

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Copywriting,Ad Writing,Article / Column,Interview,Naming,Essay,Song Writing,Editing


■My Navi Co., Ltd. (April 2013-August 2016) For three years after joining New Navi Co., Ltd. in April 2013 as a new graduate recruitment support sales job, proposed sales to new clients・Existing sales) Mainly used as a medium for recruiting new graduates, we offer a wide range of proposals such as joint company information sessions, aptitude tests, training services, and recruitment public relations tools according to customer issues and needs. Also, since June 2015, he has been engaged in local government projects and has been in charge of the new graduate recruitment support business for small and medium-sized enterprises in Saitama as the operation manager for the second consecutive term. While collaborating with the school public relations unit, production unit, and training staff, we packaged the provision of new graduate recruitment media and training services, and won 28 new contracts as a section. ●September 2015 Excellent Team Award ◆◆◆■ Recruit Communications Co., Ltd. (from October 2016) Joined Recruit Communications Co., Ltd. in October 2016. Engaged as a director of SUUMO's newly built condominium area, confronting the housing company. As an area promotion aimed at attracting customers in the middle and high regions, we are not limited to SUUMO media, we plan SNS campaign planning and brand planning. ● Mar 2017 Newcomer Creative Contest Silver Award ● Mar 2017 1st Next Standard Award Creative Category Final Selection ● March 2018 3rd Next Standard Award Creative Category Final Selection ● September 2018 4th Next Standard Award Participation in the Creative category final selection ●September 2019 6th Next Standard Award Creative category Grand Prix (W) ●October 2019 MVD (Most Valuable Director) Special Award ●September 2020 8th Next Standard Award Creative category final selection Participation


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