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Nice to meet you! I am a director of I & V Co., Ltd., which operates a tennis school located in Yokohama City. I would like to take a look at each page about my career and achievements, so here I would like to introduce "Why am I such a career?" When I was a student, I was aiming for a tennis coach to train world class junior tennis players. However, I learned that the profession of tennis coaching is a poor and humble work with neither money nor time. Do you chase your dreams and endure a poor life? Do you give up your dream and get a job? When I was asked these two options, I made the choice to "be rich while chasing a dream". In order to do so, we think that we need to do the work that can be done anytime and anywhere in parallel with the work of the tennis coach, start a company while at university and start an internet related business centering on web business (advertising), web production and web consulting. I was allowed to. After that, despite all the twists and turns, we were able to achieve great results, supported by various encounters. We hope that you will be able to help you all with a little effort from now on. Thank you

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WEB Contents,SEO Writing,Blog


Since 2017, the production and management of the tennis club's website and blog have achieved a significant increase in customer attraction and sales. We are good at web writing which connects SEO measures and access to sales to make a website appear in the top of search. 【Annual results changes】 2016 Experience inquiry 77 cases / 36 newly acquired customers / Net sales 30,592,512 yen 2017 experience inquiry 126 cases / 66 newly acquired customers / sales 36,310,359 ¥ 2018 experience inquiry 194 cases / new 91 customers acquired / Sales 44,246,751 yen


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