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I also take on various tasks related to writing, as well as improving my skills. There is a main business, and the project received by Lancers is working on after work and on holidays. Responses such as replies are also basically night. The projects I have ordered so far are novel writing, game scenario writing, game dialogue writing, audio work scenario writing and so on. The current character unit price is 1.5-2 yen. (It depends on the contents of the request. Please feel free to consult.) When requesting a novel or scenario, please prepare a plot that draws in as much detail as possible. Even if you give it a choice, it will be helpful if you can tell us your favorite trend. I will do my best for the pretty maniac content.・ Flow to delivery A discussion based on the plot → Message (in the meantime, progress report and questions will be sent from here) → Completion of the first draft → Client's check → Retake if there is any correction (2 times We accept →) Delivery · Delivery time 1000-3000 characters 1-2 characters 5000 characters 2-3 characters 10000 characters One week 15000 characters One week to two weeks 20000 characters Two weeks to three weeks 30,000 characters Three weeks to one We are given priority in the work that you can credit your name as a writer for monthly work. Please consider by all means. In addition, work of article production is not accepted now. Please note.

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Script Writing


Work history for adults is summarized on the website. Sorry to trouble you, but please see from the following URL. https://todorokimeguru.jimdofree.com/


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