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200 words writing :JPY0

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Jp 日本語

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As a hobby I post 18 non-SS and short story on the net and sell it at DLsite. However, I can not sell easily (cry) I also wrote a novel for the general public under another name, and I have worked hard to encourage it, as I received a grand prize in short stories of fantasy series. If possible, I would like to submit a long film and submit it, but it is difficult .... If you do not mind setting it roughly, you can write it in SS or short version in a day. It may be difficult if you need to load detailed settings. I will do my best to be told that "I was worth paying for money."

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  • Career:3year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2019.04.01 Terms: 6日

    Client: 個人(Employee)

    ● Writing purpose / Summary: (as detailed as possible) I would like you to write a draft for the script of an adult audio work to be published in my own circle. (Outsourcing because there is little ti...

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Book Writing


Posted several works with HM of reindeer at novel site Nocturne. Acting under the name of Reindia at the e-book sales site Dlsite. Another novel is written under another name. Once in a contest for a novelist, he has won the Grand Prize once in a short story contest by a social game company.


18 No, commercial is also possible. With respect to severe violence expression and overly special propriety, there is no knowledge and writing experience, and in that case we may refuse.


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