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Nice to meet you! It is a copy / content writer Link & Seed which has strengths in the area of ​​BtoB (B2B) centering on IT, marketing and technology related. Utilizing the sales experience of the sales planner at a major BtoB company, it is advocating strategic BtoB lighting based on the three elements of content target, client strategy, and a goal to be aimed. Many interviewing projects for major companies are also accepted. Please do not forget to create news stories and introduction examples of business and IT. 【Area in which value can be offered】 ◆ IT, Web marketing, marketing, business area ◆ B-B (B2B) companies, areas of commerce / services etc.

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人工知能で変わるクリエイティブ 博報堂アイ・スタジオが目指す人対ブランドのコミュニケーションとは

 「機械学習」や「ディープラーニング」といったキーワードを目にすることが増えてきている。実際、こうした技術をビジネスに採り入れた企業は、どのようなスタンスで人工知能を活用しようとしているのだろうか。2016年9月8、9日に開催の「MarkeZine Day 2016 Autumn」では、クリエイティブ領域で人工知能をいち早く導入した博報堂アイ・スタジオの北島知司氏が、同社の事例を紹介。合わせて、人工知能をビジネスで活用するための技術基盤を同社に提供する日本マイクロソフトの戸嶋一葉氏から、人工知覚プラットフォームに関する説明があった。

テクノロジーでビジネスの現場が変わる!(第3回) 目は口ほどにものを言う、「感情認識」の新ビジネス








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Editing,Book Writing,Naming,E-mail Magazine,Blog,SEO Writing,WEB Contents,Technical Writing,Interview,Article / Column,Ad Writing,Copywriting


I have worked for a BPO service company for 20 years. He is engaged in service management, sales planning, in-house system design and so on, independent in 2014. Writing experience is a period of 10 years in independence before independence + period after independence. Utilizing the experience of the former job, he is engaged in copywriting / content writing at media sites, company companies' corporate sites, product sites, etc. mainly on business, web marketing and IT. The main lighting achievements are as follows. ◆ Copywriting "Associated company aiming to train IT engineers" Corporate site "Internal SNS for medical institutions" pamphlet etc. ◆ Owned media content writing "Marketing tool provider company" case examples Introduction contents (including material gathering) "Software Development company "Content marketing planning / creation, etc. ◆ Media site Content writing" Marketing media "Marketing seminar report" Media for manufacturing engineers "Technology news articles" EC media "Media & EC solutions companies Tie-up articles etc. ◆ Paper media Content Writing "Document Electronic Solutions" Creating Case Studies for Sales Pamphlets (Including Interview) "Server Management for Beginners Books" Co-Operation Brush (co-author with 2 people) etc.


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