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For large scale projects or high quality projects, Leave it up to Directors!

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Our highly experienced directors will help you succeed with all kinds of projects!

How It Works

For projects that require a great number of creators or projects that require a particularly high degree of quality, leave it to Skillots. From things like human resource selection, visits with customers, or protecting classified contracts, we have you covered.
Our directors are very experienced, with knowledge on how to complete projects from a wide range of industries both quickly and appropriately. They are ready to help you with the expertise gained from tens of thousands of creative projects supported Skillots.

Directing Project Showcase

  • Game Illustration

    Production of a large amounts of cards for a large scale social game. Our directors took care of hiring individuals from game companies, illustrator selection, giving instructions, delivery and payment periods, and quality checks.

  • Restaurant photography across Japan

    Within two weeks, took pictures of the inside and outside of high class restaurants in 15 different places spread across Japan. Our directors handled photographer selection, securing NDAs with everyone, setting the shooting day, explaining the important points, and budget management.

  • Offering OEM portrait service

    Offered a service that uses pro illustrations to create avatars in a social network service for mothers. Raised customer satisfaction and contributed to increased monetization.

  • Manga Creation

    Created a pamphlet using manga for a major retail store. Managed high quality control, security and delivery deadline reliability, as well as manga artist selection and work progress.

  • Developing a large scale web service

    Offered web service and application development with a web designer and programmer. Can also make use of our development resources for parts that require a high degree of technology to move forward a development project smoothly.

  • Managing large scale DTP

    Used Skillots design resources for large scale DTP in periodicals. We assign the human resources with the required skills so you can reduce costs while maintaining quality.

Proposal and service power for creative businesses!

At Skillots we have talented individuals with all kinds of skills and experiences. They can assist you with cost, security, or with a wide variety of other needs.
Our highly experienced directors will take charge of defining conditions, progress and quality control management, and welcome you to leave it entirely up to us! Regardless of the scope of your project, we can give you suggestions to match your needs.

Examples of services we can offer

  • Illustration

    • Game Illustration
    • Advertisement, magazine, book and WEB illustrations
    • Comic creation, comic landing page
    • Portrait, avatars
    • Character design
    • Moe characters, mascot characters
    • 3DCG, technical illustration
    • CAD, 3D printer data
  • Design

    • Sales promotional materials like leaflets and pamphlets
    • WEB design, ad banners
    • Applications, game design
    • Package design, product design
    • Logo design
    • Calligraphy
    • Apparel design, fashion design
    • New Year card design for individuals
  • Photography, filming

    • Restaurants (food, inner and outer appearance, staff)
    • Ryokan, hotels
    • Company guidance pictures
    • Apartments, condominiums, real estate
    • Shichi-Go-San, family pictures, pet photos
    • School events
    • Sports, music events
    • Drone aerial shooting
  • Video, animation

    • Game animation
    • TV commercials, web commercials
    • Business, product public relations videos
    • Digital signage display videos
    • Projection mapping
    • Training, manual videos
    • Wedding videos
  • Music, sound

    • Game music, sound
    • Composition, arrangement, mixing
    • Theme song, commercial song
    • MIDI data creation
    • Sound logos
    • Narration, voice actor
    • Vocaloid
  • Writing

    • Copywriting
    • Article, columns
    • Interview, news coverage
    • WEB contents, SEO writing
    • Naming
    • Book, publication contents
    • Scripts
  • Content marketing

    At Skillots, we offer content marketing assets, which come from our accumulation of high quality content. We also offer writing and picture illustration, use manga, and help you produce contents that will be read and become a hot topic. Download materials

  • PDCA Counseling

    Creators all around Japan will offer your service or product high quality impressions and opinions, giving you advice in improvement reports directly related to the improvement of your product or service.Download materials

The flow of our directing service


First, make requests with our inquiry form, phone, or email without hesitation. Our directors will contact you back and hear about your needs, and then set conditions. Inquiries


Our directors will visit you or speak with you through phone or mail as necessary, and give you suggestions for the most appropriate use of human resources.
As a function of Skillots, we offer the ASP program for large scale projects, and can connect with your company's system.
We achieve results not only through the internet and apps, but at your actually store.

*Depending on your demands, there may be cases where we recommend not using our directing service.

3Project management and delivery

Considering the different risks in your business plan including security, we assigning the right human resources and manage your project's progress. We also communicate with you throughout the project process when appropriate.


We will charge you in accordance with the account we previously specified.

*We have a standardized examination to use deferred payment.

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