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Voice Acting for Cartoon & Animation
Japanese Calligraphy

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Jp 日本語



Thank you for reading. My name is Yumeji and I am a creative calligrapher. [Calligraphy] Studied calligraphy from childhood and has a history of 28 years. After obtaining the 2nd grade of the primary teacher and handwriting transcription test, opened the shop “Shobo Yume Kantei” to teach characters at the online salon, personalize the company logo, T-shirts and other goods logo, company lessons, signboard logo We have been contracted widely for use. With the theme of “delivering“ healing ”and“ smile ”, he has recently written mainly on works using the typeface“ Yuru letter ”. * A loose character is a character that "relaxes" or relaxes your mind and body by writing and looking. In addition, we want to make people feel closer to the book. We want to deliver the healing themes and smiles, which are themes of our activities, to many people, combining Tarot's fellow Oracle Card / Lornorman Card fortune-telling and calligraphy. Created “leading calligraphy” (original genre) and provided services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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  • Career:7year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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After experiencing the work of organizing at a local television station in Oita Prefecture, he moved to Tokyo and started working as a voice actor. While in Tokyo, revisited the calligraphy class, obtained the primary instructor in calligraphy, and the second grade of calligraphy with a writing brush. After returning home, the shop “Shobo Yume Kantei” was opened. Prefectural Calligraphy Exhibition Prefectural Governor Award Day Exhibition Selected Qualifications other than Calligraphy * Lenorman Card Fortune Telling Advisor & Instructor * Dream Telling Advisor * Dream Appraisal Therapist


Create one by one with your soul. Please contact us regarding copyright transfer.

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