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I need assistance in creating hero character and some panoramic and object graphics for mobile phone games.

The game is a 2D game. So the character only moves from left to right. Main hero character is Zoey (Super Hero Kangaroo) who has to save little children who were abducted by bad aliens. Evil aliens with spaceship attacked the earth by shooting rockets/ laser to earth and because of that the grounds on earth split open so we can see the lava underneath the earth. So Zoey has to hop/jump from one ground to another ground very carefully because if he does not jump correctly he may fall into the hot lava.

The graphics requirements:

Main Character:
Zoey (Super Hero Kangaroo). He needs to look cute and adorable but at the same time strong and brave and memorable.

Background Panorama:
Images at the back of the game (can be desert, can be city, can be nature complete with the sky and can be day and night too). This background will be repeated again and again because the movement only from left to right.

1. Hot Lava under the grounds
2. Small ground
3. Wide ground
4. Crumbling ground ( can be small and wide grounds but different colour) Crumbling grounds are ground which will crumble 1 second after Zoey land on it. The game programmer can animate the ground but we only need to give them different colour so players know which one is crumbling ground and which one is solid ground.

Splash Screen:
The main screen that players will see when they wait for the game to load

The game icon image for the application shops (The icon of an app we normally see in googleapp or Itunes store when we browse through the app).

[Notes for the creator]

Could we have the final files in PSD format please? It will make it quicker for the programmer to process the files if they are in .PSD

Thank you very much in advance for your time and assistance.




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