ID: 16853

1 Character Design and 3 Bust-up Illustrations

StatusApplication DeadlineApplicants
Closed 30.Jun.2020〜02.Jul.2020

Under Review: 9

Hired: 1

Rejected: 2


From ¥10,000 To ¥50,000


First Presentation Uncertain
Final Delivery: Uncertain

Client Profile

Client NamePrivate (ID:32101)
LanguageEnglish (US)
Number of
Proficiency I have comissioned specialists few times before.
Review Ave. good good good good good

Project Detail

[Purpose of this job]
Design 1 female character and draw 3 selfie-style bust-up illustrations of her.

[Deliverable specification]
Data Format: .PSD or .SAI
Size: A4, 300 DPI (or larger)
Number of delivery of Illustration: 4

Character design: a cute, fashionable girl between the ages of 18 and 25, living in modern society. The artist may design her to their own tastes. Please provide a rough full-body sketch of her in a casual outfit.

1. Smiling playfully and making a peace sign at the camera in her casual clothes. Additionally, there should be a version where she is laughing with her eyes closed.
2. Lying down in her underwear (presumably on a bed), making a seductive expression.
3. Drinking a cute drink (like you'd get at Starbucks) with a straw, making an expression like she's enjoying it. Wearing casual clothes.

Please note that the illustrations emulate photos taken by a phone camera, so you should not see the phone within the image.

[Notes for the creator]
You will be credited under the pen-name of your choice. May use either English or Japanese characters.

* Please include a rough estimate for how long it would take you to complete the job. We will be hiring as soon as the deadline closes.

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Copyright Terms

Transfer copyright to the Client(The Artist will NOT exercise her/his moral rights)

See Description About Copyright Terms

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