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illustration of motorcycle and girl

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Open 05.Jun.2020〜187 days left

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Hired: 1

Rejected: 1


From ¥0 To ¥10,000


First Presentation Uncertain
Final Delivery: Uncertain

Client Profile

Client NamePrivate (ID:7554)
LocationJapan 埼玉県
Number of
Proficiency I'm not familiar with comissioning specialists.
Review Ave. good good good good good

Project Detail

I would like you to draw an illustration of a motorcycle and a cute girl together.
Please use an original character for the girl.

[Bike details]
Car type: Honda Magna 50
Color: Exterior -> Subaru WR blue mica (color code 02C) Frame -> Black
Others: No depiction of tank sticker (logo) No modification or dress-up other than the above
Detail level: As detailed as seen on vehicles that appear in TV animation "Bakuon!"

[Girl settings]
Age: 22 to 26 years old
Height: 164cm
Weight: 52kg
Hair color: Black hair or blackish brown hair
For other settings, we will talk with the creator

[About the illustration]
Size: width 61 cm x length 35 cm 350 dpi will be printed out (size may vary slightly)
Number of deliverables: 3 (full-color with background, full-color background transparent, black background 1bit white single color)

An image sample of the rough composition is attached.
Please consider it for reference only.
(Quoted from Google image search)

Since we are not in a hurry, we are taking a longer recruitment period.
One person will be hired.
Due to careful selection, we will not immediately hire a proposal.
(Please set the quotation expiration date to "No setting".)
However, if there is a proposal that is too far from this request, a proposal with little content, or the reference work posted in the profile is significantly different from the one requested here, we may notify you of the rejection on the same day.
(If you provide us with a color rough illustration that has been considerably written, it may be more likely to be adopted.)

[For overseas creators]
Basically, we plan to hire Japanese people, but we will also hire foreign nationals as long as they can exchange Japanese without feeling discomfort without using machine translation.
Thank you.

Copyright Terms

Transfer copyright to the Client(The Artist will NOT exercise her/his moral rights)

See Description About Copyright Terms

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