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Cover illustration for online novel [2 characters] [Fantasy]

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Illustration Job


From ¥10,000 To ¥50,000


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Client NameZIG-ZAG (ID:31946)
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Proficiency I often comission specialists.
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Project Detail

Looking for an artist to create a cover illustration for a new online novel.

The novel is adult fiction [R18+]. However, the artwork will not feature adult content.

There are two characters, with a simple background. There are two variations of the illustration.
Variation 1: Characters fully clothed.
Variation 2: Characters in lingerie and blushing. (No nudity).

2600px wide
3600px high
RGB color
Background on a separate layer (so that characters can be saved with transparent background)
.PSD or .PNG files

Character 1:
Age 18
Long black hair with bangs. Pale skin. Brown eyes. No makeup.
Variation 1: White shrine maiden outfit.
Variation 2: White lingerie.
Bust size: C

Character 2:
Age 30
Long dark blonde hair, tied back like a ponytail. Purple eyes. Purple eyeliner and lipstick.
Variation 1: Red kimono with wooden sandals.
Variation 2: Red lingerie.
Bust size: E

The characters are posed so their bodies are slightly pressing against each other. Their faces are turned at a 3/4 angle toward the front (or toward the reader's view).

For the background, it is a simple traditional Japanese room. Tatami mat and wooden walls.

The characters should fill the majority of the scene. The full body should be visible.

If you have questions about the design, please ask!
As English is my first language, I will try my best to communicate in Japanese.
Thank you!

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