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Standard Fee

One A4-sized color illustration :JPY16,000

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Projects Done 116

Satisfaction good good good good good (4.93)

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Jp 日本語


Our planning 漫畫, Ju-4 case 漫畫, history 漫畫 variety.

Us-friendly than break change our distinctive character, borrow Jian 的 agencies seeking or reorder.

Our planning hen multi self chuan ranman planning portrait 插 diagram or h. Shrove 漫畫.

Kiyotada of religious understanding Japanese people on.

Our annual stress phase sought quickly.
Kiyotada English, Korean language, kanahogo ranman planning in-on experiments on the GDP. ( I q translation translation phrase child Kazuto, is natural.

) My Nintendo what kind stately harmony inside a volume capacity.

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ブルース・リー 月を目指して指先を見るな 月に届くイメージしろ

和服の女性 神社を背景に 祈りを込めて


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  • 前回お願いした漫画動画の仕事です。


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2020.02.23 Terms: 33日

    Client: 個人(Self-Employed)

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  • 北斗の拳か刃牙風の結婚式のウェルカムボード


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2015.06.02 Terms: 19日

    Client: 個人(Employee)

    Is a husband and wife loves fist of the North Star and Baki.

    At the wedding of two people welcome Board in fist of the North Star or blade Fang wind created as Sri Lankan wants.
    -Output file speci...

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  • チラシ&WEBに掲載するマンガ制作 (2ページ)

    チラシ&WEBに掲載するマンガ制作 (2ページ)

    Fee: JPY30,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.05.21 Terms: 41日

    Client: 千葉県エンディングパレス(葬祭業)


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  • 営業マン向け教材を販売するウェブページの漫画を検討しています。


    Fee: JPY45,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 11.01.24 Terms: 23日

    Client: 古山プロダクション(ビジネス教材販売)

    during the http://itoshin.jp/mcdvd/ want 2, 3 pages of A4 full colour comic. Introducing human はいとう pawn ( is looks very big. ), Koyama, Shota (to me) it is. But as the story over walk please tell wil...

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At 1985, our 已 economics hashirede Department of Phantom comic "Jump fresh" of the magazine deliberation 漫畫 House. Our 已 pecking order and by 籃 sphere 漫畫 "monthly boy 漫畫" of the magazine. Our 已 economics o get completion "Wisteria child Fuji male 獎","Dai man planning luxury 4 case Tenshin planning section Kodo wages would", 以及 許多 sono altruistic ranman planning new Su 獎.

After the year 2000, our standing policy planning, manufacturing, publishing, market public studies of magazine sum GI history 漫畫. In 2008, our 已 economics filed the enactment "Yi at understanding Japanese funny feather ball 130 P textbooks". 它 已 economic thrust out Le den viewing WA report on paper, 它 已 economics Faw produced Satoru of good.

Verge, kiyotada three provinces of magazine series of 5 years short 漫畫. We ordered on talismanic place monthly in Tokyo all Aya 漫畫.
Our pecking order of "shock waves youth 漫畫" handlooms minute newsletter.
Degree of moderate length 漫畫 "Journal of school comedy" 分佈 type mobile phone.

Exclusion, our development of cloth Web 架站 h. advice Charmaine loading Cummins, our dreaming of operational ranman planning Web site.

Ranman planning of "aesthetic form" adult Edition Tokyo, on West Edition

-Marks for family large made by President, Ltd. of Web 架站 Flash motion the planning

3 iPhone WOWWOW Rin rice in four personality 漫畫

JR West Japan old Taicang Ocean report 插 map

JR East Japan a booklet, sea report, diagram k. ranman 眞

Hand swing sword- character design Kazuo background

Health Minister studies spur feigned 插 graphical extrapolation diagram ( Yachen ) International's travel cruise Guidebook ( 銷售 )

International business report 漫畫 ( gilt Yachen ). K. 許多 and other items because of treatment management in.


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