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Design and DTP, WEB UI, logo is available. A simple pop will be made according to the design was the client's wishes,. If consultation planning / direction necessary in any subject.
Create a simple javascript to WEB coding, for. In relation to DTP and logos if you can respond quickly.
Budget and deadlines, please let us know. http://Studio-CG.NET/

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  • Gender:private
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  • Career:15year(s)
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Magazine-free paper work experience with WEB design office working with
DTP Designer (career nine years ~)
WEB Designer (career 6 years ~)
WEB coder (career five years ~)
DTP and WEB direction (career 4 years ~)
AdWords WEB advertising management agency, WEB consulting (3,-)
System Programmer (2 years experience ~) Privately leading cake shops, cosmetics companies and WEB page production and direction and consulting experience with.


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