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One character (Single point of view) :JPY10,000

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Jp 日本語


Please visit the thank you. MOE girl or boy is good at.
Draw a sexy women and youth.

Anime painting, we will respond, such as thick paint.
So come, regardless of personal and corporate work will be accepted
Please call feel free to voice invite you to contact us.

  • Creator ID:5483
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:10year(s)
  • Area:Non-Public
  • Last Login:Within a week


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  • You Tube漫画制作

    You Tube漫画制作

    Fee: JPY25,850 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2022.07.11 Terms: 256日

    Client: Other Occupation

    [See more]

  • 風俗店の女性求人漫画


    Fee: JPY110,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2021.11.24 Terms: 106日

    Client: Website Production

    2 types of job manga, 7 pages in total Rough draft, text, etc. are created here Amount: 100,000 + consumption tax Copyright is transferred to the store (including psd data) ---------------- ----------...

    [See more]

  • マンガ制作について


    Fee: JPY28,600 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2021.10.16 Terms: 35日

    Client: 個人(Other Occupation)

    ● Purpose / Overview of creating illustrations: (In as much detail as possible) We will publish it on the web for a fee. ● Delivery file specifications: File format: png Size / Specifications: youtube...

    [See more]

  • You Tube漫画制作依頼について

    You Tube漫画制作依頼について

    Fee: JPY24,200 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2021.09.07 Terms: 18日

    Client: 個人(Other Occupation)

    I would like to request the production of a manga with the following content. 〇 I would like to request the size in Youtube format, but how much would it cost for one Youtube size? By the way, I'm pla...

    [See more]

  • カーキュートの漫画依頼


    Fee: JPY22,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2021.05.01 Terms: 31日

    Client: 株式会社イプラ(旧社名 株式会社愛媛企画)(Website Production)

    ● Purpose / Overview of requesting manga production: (Details as much as possible) Request for production of 4-frame manga Distribution target: For car dealers Objective: Appeal of female customer sen...

    [See more]

  • 前回のキャラクターを使用した夢小説の漫画作成依頼


    Fee: JPY108,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2020.11.13 Terms: 83日

    Client: 個人(Employee)

    ● Purpose / Overview of requesting manga production: Personal viewing ● Delivery file specifications: Not specified, monochrome File format: Not specified Size: Not specified Number of pages: Not spec...

    [See more]

  • 前回のキャラクターを使用した夢小説の漫画作成依頼


    Fee: JPY75,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2020.02.25 Terms: 51日

    Client: 個人(Employee)

    ● Purpose / Outline of requesting manga production: (as detailed as possible) ● Delivery file specifications: Not specified File format: Size: Not specified Number of pages: Not specified ● Materials ...

    [See more]

  • 前回のキャラクターを使用した夢小説の漫画化


    Fee: JPY246,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2019.11.07 Terms: 207日

    Client: 個人(Employee)

    [See more]

  • 風俗店の求人HP用のイラスト


    Fee: JPY31,500 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2018.12.17 Terms: 16日

    Client: Advertising & Marketing






    [See more]

  • 3Dモデル用の三面図制作依頼


    Fee: JPY16,200 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2018.08.26 Terms: 24日

    Client: 個人(Employee)

    [See more]

  • 社内の情報漏洩防止のための漫画作成


    Fee: JPY38,880 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2018.08.07 Terms: 42日

    Client: Employee

    ● I would like to ask the subcontractors of our company and group companies to create cartoons to prevent leakage of customer information. We are thinking of a simple story, but we will leave other se...

    [See more]

  • アニメ塗り挿絵依頼


    Fee: JPY33,480 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2018.03.07 Terms: 15日

    Client: 株式会社ウィズ(Designing)

    [See more]

  • 住宅ローン借り換えサイト漫画


    Fee: JPY16,200 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2017.08.24 Terms: 58日

    Client: office Higa(Website Production)

    Hello Nice to meet you Higa is doing the homepage production. Thank you for receiving requests from our clients We are in the process of making a website. In that there is a place to express with mang...

    [See more]

  • 風俗店の女性求人漫画


    Fee: JPY108,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2017.08.04 Terms: 88日

    Client: Website Production

    In this time, I was consulted with a major large-scale chain store that is a client, "I would like to place a recruitment cartoon on the site but I do not know a good manga artist," and I was in troub...

    [See more]

  • 3Dモデル用の三面図制作依頼


    Fee: JPY16,200 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2017.05.28 Terms: 27日

    Client: 個人(Student)

    [See more]

  • 自作ゲームのキャラクターイラスト


    Fee: JPY10,800 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2017.02.07 Terms: 39日

    Client: 個人(Student)

    [See more]

  • 中古車展示場を改革せよ!大手に負けない差別化戦略


    Fee: JPY265,680 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2016.01.01 Terms: 92日

    Client: 株式会社愛媛企画(Advertising & Marketing)

    [See more]

  • 風俗店ホームページで使用するイラスト


    Fee: JPY43,200 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2015.12.07 Terms: 27日

    Client: Website Production

    [See more]

  • ウエブサイト用のイメージキャラクター


    Fee: JPY10,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2015.08.11 Terms: 59日

    Client: 個人(Other Industory)

    -To create the illustration purpose / summary: (detailed) Operated by one female professional sports "PROLINE picks". Murai is.

    Recently became indebted in the cartoon. I wanted to ask if you made ...

    [See more]

  • デリヘルHPの求人で使用する漫画


    Fee: JPY10,800 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2015.06.10 Terms: 39日

    Client: 個人(Other Occupation)

    [See more]

  • 高収入求人サイトで使用する漫画制作


    Fee: JPY37,800 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2015.02.19 Terms: 56日

    Client: (Website Production)

    [See more]

  • カーキュート代理店紹介マンガ


    Fee: JPY32,400 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2015.01.15 Terms: 43日

    Client: 株式会社愛媛企画(Advertising & Marketing)

    -Purpose of cartoon art:

    Introduction to car cut distributors wanted
     ● delivery file specifications:
     File format: leave.
     Size: A4

    Number of pages: 2 pages long
    -Possible payment documents...

    [See more]

  • 販促ページのイラスト&漫画制作


    Fee: JPY64,800 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2015.01.09 Terms: 43日

    Client: EAアーキテクツ(System Development)

    [See more]

  • 高収入求人サイトで使用する漫画制作


    Fee: JPY35,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2014.10.03 Terms: 53日

    Client: Website Production

    [See more]

  • ホームページ、名刺、チラシ等に載せるメインイラスト


    Fee: JPY16,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2014.04.12 Terms: 56日

    Client: 個人(介護タクシー事業)

    Nice to meet you.
    Six months after medlin nursing care taxi in personal practice is expected to.

    Please we could post things like face to these issues.

    Is the background is hope is pushing women use...

    [See more]

  • 風俗エステ店の体験漫画4P


    Fee: JPY36,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2014.01.23 Terms: 27日

    Client: パンダウェブコンシェルジュ(HP制作)

    I want to create hope Gotanda sex beauty shop experience comics 4 P.

    [See more]

  • ネットショップ掲載用漫画制作のご相談


    Fee: JPY10,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2013.02.26 Terms: 9日

    Client: 個人(ネットショップ)



    [See more]

  • 女子高生 の使用許可申請

    女子高生 の使用許可申請

    Fee: JPY7,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2012.12.22 Terms: 3日

    Client: 個人(個人)

    [See more]

  • エステサイトのイベント案内の漫画


    Fee: JPY2,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2012.12.03 Terms: 18日

    Client: WEB制作・サイト運営・広告業

    To like
    We become indebted.
    Thank you for your extremely busy last time around.
    Thanks events end safely let alone than last time somewhat, but

    Progress is seen.
    Well, this is new work we ask, we had...

    [See more]

  • エステサイトのイベント説明漫画


    Fee: JPY16,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2012.10.26 Terms: 16日

    Client: パンダウェブコンシェルジュ(WEB制作・サイト運営・広告業)

    Previously, in the beauty shop experience comics by us to our

    Can you please to work.
    I see his style when asked the last time, this time to the new work

    We want to let me ask, gave us.
    You wa...

    [See more]

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