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Making a data for 3D printers :JPY10,000

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Jp 日本語


CG animation, Flash animation is available to other 3D modeling data. In smooth digital data without problems, please contact us by email if you have all day, bean.

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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Illustrations (fairy tale fantasy surreal and healing) and 3D modeling data


■ 1987
Independence as a free Illustrator.
Collection of SHUEISHA's weekly young jump Grand Prix gold bear award.

Score at Spa organizers 'contemporary art competition' winner.
■ 1988

Kyoto design exhibition illustration Department.
■ 1989

Japan graphic exhibition.
■ 1990
Kichijoji Parco Gallery "an' participation.
Selected artists exhibition in Gallery EAUX.
Co., Ltd. power through sponsored ' illustration new wave 100 persons exhibition ' listings.

Co., Ltd., as organizers made in award winners.
■ 1991
Selected artists exhibition in Gallery EAUX.

Gallery picture illustrated award winning co., Ltd. published by Gen light 'illustration' magazine 'THE CHOICE' winner.
■ 1992
Two people in Tokyo, art box Gallery exhibition.
Group exhibition at Gallery iteza, Kyoto.

Co., Ltd. published by Gen light 'illustration' magazine 'THE CHOICE' winner.
■ 1993
BOX ART Grand Prize Exhibition.

Osaka, solo exhibition at the Gallery 14th Moon.
■ 1994
Abeno SOHO mural.

At Kobe, CAFE GARBO's one-man show.
■ 1995

Creation Gallery sponsored by 300 watch boasted to the listings.
■ 1996
Kyoto art exhibition at the Gallery 'demon'.

Monthly Prize poems and fairy tale, annual special award.
■ 1998-1999

Learn 3D at Digital Hollywood Osaka school.
1980-2006 ■

Every year illustration circle 'Jack-in-the-box' group exhibition held in Osaka and Kyoto.
■ 2000

Osaka, solo exhibition at the Gallery 14th Moon.
■ 2002

Osaka, solo exhibition at the Gallery "アートボーン".
■ 2005

Fresh Hall picture book contest excellent prize get.
■ 2006

Fresh Hall postcard book contest honorable mention get.
■ 2007

Pastel House M at Osaka's solo and group shows at one time.
■ 2008
At Kyoto opt Gallery exhibition.
ピースサマー participation

Design Festa listings
■ 2009
An analytical Shop coffee in stile store
ラブウィンター participation
awesome sponsored by frog exhibition
Ones group exhibition
Pinocchio exhibition participation
At Kyoto opt Gallery group exhibition.
Design Festa exhibitors (spring and autumn)
In ホテルハイアットリージェンシー Osaka exhibition
Lid frame exhibition
At the national frog exhibition
ピースサマー participation

Yokohama red brick chips exhibition participation
■ 2010

"PEACE SUMMER" Osaka Design Festa (spring and autumn), Tokyo
■ 2011

Design Festa (spring and autumn), Tokyo "ARIGATOU" exhibition.
■ 2012

Design Festa (spring and autumn), Tokyo
■ 2013
Solo exhibition at Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan Design Festa (spring and autumn are planned), Tokyo

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