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The most important thing is spiritual expression. Example: Analog illustrations, landscape illustrations, digital illustrations, etc., such as mental situations associated with colors. I'm not good at character design, but I'm proud that I'm good at designing the entire illustration. Basically, I can draw anything. In order to draw a chicken, not only the breed but also the skeleton will be examined and drawn, so I think that the illustration will have some persuasive power. * I am 15 years old. I'd like to draw an illustration that doesn't get caught up in age, but I'm sorry for those who are looking for an adult illustrator. You may not be able to receive your request.

  • Creator ID:28690
  • Gender:other
  • Age:15y.o.
  • Career:1year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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An illustration


I'm currently a high school student. I have been a digital illustrator for a year. We have received 46 diplomas in local contests, 39 of which are the highest awards, and 2 diplomas that won the national competition. Please note that these are all analog pictures.


Basically, please consider that it will cost more than 2000 yen (small illustrations may be accepted for about 500 yen)

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