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One A4-sized color illustration :JPY8,000

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My name is fika. Thank you for browsing. I'm a freelance illustrator and manga artist. [About the design] I am good at illustrations for men and women in their teens to 20s. I usually draw shojo manga tastes and simple tastes, so I'm particularly good at these two. The design can be matched to the client's request. Mainly simple, business, shojo manga, anime, default, etc. [About orders] ・ Illustrations for illustrations on instagram posts ・ Novels, magazine illustrations ・ Single drawings ・ Fashion illustrations ・ Doujinshi cover illustrations, etc. Welcome. [Approximate price] ・ Illustration cut (in the case of a simple pattern): 3,000 yen ~ ・ SNS icon: 3,000 yen ~ ・ Illustration (bust up): 4,500 yen ~ ・ Single picture: 8,000 yen ~ * Varies depending on the content .. [What to keep in mind when making a transaction] We will reply to you within 24 hours. We will proceed after telling you the delivery schedule so that you can leave it to us with confidence. We will respond flexibly to your needs, so we hope you can help us. Please feel free to contact us first!

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Illustrations for women Illustrations


[NG / Items that cannot be ordered] Copyright items that have not been approved by the copyright owner, illustrations of celebrities, R-18 items [Other] In the case of copyright transfer, the same amount as the order fee will be charged.


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