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Drawing a character for a game :JPY10,000

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Jp 日本語


Thank you for reading. She has been working as a freelance illustrator for several years, producing doujin and original manga. I am good at dolls and mecha girls as well as ordinary pretty girls. Regardless of commerce, coterie or individual, we will produce all kinds of illustrations such as Ranobe's cover and illustrations, standing pictures for games, single pictures for differences and events, character pictures for social games, private viewing. The design is more than Moe, but can be changed to some extent. Painting can be applied from animation painting to thick painting. We are also actively accepting R18 works. We will do our best to meet the expectations of our clients. At first please feel free to consult.

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  • Area:Japan
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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Illustrations for games, light novels, etc. Moe picture, doll, mecha girl, adult etc


It would be very helpful if you could let us know at an early stage if you have any copyright concerns. We may or may not be able to respond to extreme sexual and violent expressions. Please consult once. For commercial projects, please consult us again for terms and conditions.


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