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Standard Fee

Drawing a character for a game :JPY80,000

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Jp 日本語


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  • Age:24y.o.
  • Career:2year(s)
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[Flow until delivery] If there is no particular request from the client about the progress, the process will be divided as follows. (There is a slight difference depending on the content of the production.) If a major correction occurs in each process, we do not proceed to the next process and will submit the adjustment draft again. (1) Large rough (pause rough) This is a rough rough with only lines. Here you can see the character's pose (silhouette) and approximate composition. Basically, only one proposal will be submitted, but if the author is confused by recognizing instructions, etc., multiple proposals may be presented. ↓ ②Detailed rough (color rough) ★ The description is further packed from the large rough, and the entire color scheme (only the unique color and simple shading if it is a character) is given. If a difference is required, we will add it in this process. We will proceed with the finish determined here, so if you have any detailed instructions or concerns, please let us know in this process. * If you receive an instruction to "change greatly from the detailed rough image" in the process after ③, an additional fee may be charged slightly. (Example: partly change the design and pose of the character, add a difference, increase the motif ... etc.) * For effects, the description of this process may be used as it is in the finished draft. ↓ (3) Line drawing This is a finishing draft only for line drawing. Please check the touch and inflection of the line. Some lines may be thinned out from the detail rough, but they will be described and interpolated by coloring. ↓ ④Coloring (finishing) This is a finishing draft with color scheme and coloring. Please check the impression of the paint and the final finish. ↓ 《Delivery》 ==================== * Below is a guide to "one social game card illustration" [Supplementary charges on fees] Fees will fluctuate depending on the content. (Examples below) ・ Resolution, size [important] ・ Presence or absence of instructions ・ whether or not to disclose results [important] ・ Depiction of characters and monsters ・ Design density ・ Difference amount [important] ・ Coloring accuracy ・ Taste matching ・(Upper limit) number of adjustment instruction FBs, presence / absence of background, or its depiction density, etc. [NG items in the R-18 category] Since there is still little insight except for the normal male R-18, it may be refused depending on the content. There is. In addition, the following items may be OK if they are expressions for the general public.・ R-18G, Ryona ・ Kemo> Ears, tails, animal hair, etc.) OK if the base of the face and skeleton does not deviate from humans ・ Futanari, androgynous ・ Solo paintings of males, male only Situation etc.> OK if female character's sexual expression accompanies / Examining cases where explicit sexual expression is thin (pursuing physical beauty, etc.) can be considered, malformation, three or more defects in both arms and legs


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