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One page cartoon :JPY6,000

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Jp 日本語

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Nice to meet you. Thank you for reading. My name is Ai Akari. We do not have any experience in receiving orders, so we may not be able to do so, but we will do our best to respond with sincerity. We want to accumulate achievements in the future, so we have set prices a little lower. ◇ Recruiting projects ◇ ・ Origination from novels and scenarios-drawing ・ Assistance for pen insertion, tone, background, and finishing ・ Illustrations and cartoons used for advertisements and brochures ・ Color / monochrome illustration cut ・ For SNS icons We can also accept orders for cuts, TL comics, R-18 illustrations / cartoons etc. Please feel free to contact us! ◇ Professional taste タ ッ チ ・ Touch in the style of manga by a girl ・ Watercolor ・ Colored pencil ・ Thick coating ・ Animation coating ◇ Rate estimate ◇ Basically, I would like to consult the hourly wage conversion of working time x 1000 yen. Example) ・ Color manga (A4 / 1 page 5,6 frames) → 7,000 yen / 1 page ~ <Name 0.5h, sketch 2h, pen 2h, coloring 2.5h / 7h> ・ Monochrome manga (A4 / 1 page 5) , About 6 frames) → 6000 yen / 1 page ~ <Name 0.5h, sketch 2h, pen insertion 2h, tone 1.5h / 6h> * In addition, character tables etc. will be charged separately. Please consult.・ Color illustration cut (A4 / no background) → 6000 yen ~ ・ Monochrome illustration cut (A4 / no background) → 5000 yen ~ ・ SNS icon cut (no background) → 2000 yen ~ → History ◇ 2016.3 Margaret Manga Seminar Award 2016.6 Margaret Manga Seminar Encouragement Award 2016.11 Margaret MANGA Scholarship Scholarship Award 2017.8 Margaret Manga Seminar Expectation Award 2018.3 Hokkaido Art High School Manga / Illustration Course Graduation ◇ Work Environment ◇ ・ PC : windows ・ Software: CLIP STUDIO PEINT ・Delivery format: PSD, PNG, JPG, etc. Thank you for your interest. * Please note that it may take some time to respond. Also, as a student, there is a limited time available for work.

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