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Standard Fee

1 min dialogue :JPY20,000

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Jp 日本語


I am a voice actor and narrator. ■ Recording format ■ We will respond if specified. Usually delivered in wav format. ==================== ■ Estimated delivery time ■ Voices within 10 minutes such as CMs and answering machines: Voices within 3 to 5 days ・ Voices around 30 minutes: 5 days to 1 week ・ High volume audio: Half a month to 1 month ※ We will respond as much as possible even if you are in a hurry, such as requesting delivery the next day. * We will consult with you in consideration of the number of characters and words at the time of the meeting. Same-day delivery is possible for short items. A full-voice game or other game with a large number of words may take about a month. Please feel free to contact us first. ==================================================================> I shall go. Thank you very much.

  • Creator ID:25809
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:private
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within a month


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Baby, boy, girl, older sister, mom, grandmother, young woman, middle-aged woman, old woman, narration, animal, non-human character


・ Animation ・ Drama CD ・ Game (Fighting, Puzzle, RPG, Escape, Sound Novel) ・ Smartphone apps ・ Radio personality ・ CM narration ・ Voice answering voice ・ Children's book reading voice ・ Advertising car ・ Store announcement ・ Songs We also have short audio work experience such as voice and eye catch words. Although I am doing various work, I am better at character voices of animation and games than narration of serious and hard scenes because of voice quality. If you have a job that uses voice, please feel free to contact us.


※ We cannot accept work that plays adult scenes. * Any work that the viewer feels uncomfortable may be refused.

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