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Making a 1 min. movie :JPY80,000

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I'm a freelance video director living in Osaka. We can offer a total from shooting to editing. "I would like to ask only editing because I shoot" "I just want to ask shooting because I am editing" We will respond flexibly to such requests. (Available shooting)-In-house scenery and interviews with company PR videos-Working scenery and interviews with store PR videos-On-the-day scenery for event digests-Reproduction videos etc. used for product PR (Available editing)-Companies VP, Web PR videos, job posting videos, store videos ※ CG, TVCM, animation is not received at the moment. Especially in shooting, we are good at dramatic composition selection along storytelling and drawing out the attractiveness of the subject as much as possible. I am good at photographing people, and I will take pictures carefully while communicating. We are good at screen design, composition that it is easy to transmit by minimizing unnecessary decoration in editing. By simplifying the process, it is possible to create a "video properly transmitted" while keeping the budget low. Achievements Portfolio Site http://yusuke.strikingly.com

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  • Gender:Male
  • Age:41y.o.
  • Career:private
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Corporate VP production, store introduction video, product PR video, event digest video


After graduating from Osaka Art University, after experiencing various trainings such as talent training office, recycling shop, photo studio, "I want to work as a video!" Worked on a wide range of video production for seven years, including corporate VP, music MV, web animation, etc. Currently working as a freelancer.


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