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One A4-sized color illustration :private

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Thank you for seeing my profile. I'm calling you "Tama". Under the name of the company under another name, we are producing. Activated as an illustrator in October 2017, I have been mainly making illustration work, but I wanted to expand the field of activity such as work and registered in October 2018. I would like to receive requests from companies, commercials, and editors, but I will accept orders within the range that individuals will receive, so I think that you can consult us first. It is mainly aimed at skill up, and since we have not registered it so much, we have lowered the draft fee as study. Depending on your budget, we may be able to accept other than the drafts you are drawing. We will be able to respond to your request as much as possible and we would be happy if you could feel free to contact us first. Thank you for your consideration as we will manufacture it with all sincerity.

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Illustration illustration for games Monster People background


· 2018.09 Sumaho App Item Item Icon Production · 2018.08 Character Design 2 · 2018.07 Title Production of Chinese Smartphone Application · 2018.06 One Company Smartphone Application In-Game Character Production · 2018.05 Inside Adult Game Event Illustration Production · 2018.04 Icon Production for Smartphones Other · iPhone Application Character illustration for 2 cases Order · R18 Illustration in game 2 Orders and other secondary creation, copyright Mainly active


· If you have permission to publish on HP or SNS, we will discount. · When there is a background, if the amount of drawing is large, the price may fluctuate when the size is large. Please feel free to contact us.

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