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GLAD is a comprehensive production company that provides one-stop creatives from planning, designing and shooting. Easier to understand, creative, and speedily. We offer comprehensive creatives from planning to design and shooting with cost performance that can be realized just because it is a one-stop. In the shooting department, we have a studio, and we have created an environment where steel and movies can be carried out by our company. We constantly strive to pursue technologies, quality and environment that can respond to the diverse needs of our customers, and to be a production company that can seriously face manufacturing, and continues to make efforts on a daily basis.

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Photo shoot, design, web animation, catalog production, model arrangement, stylist arrangement


Business plan Production business Business advertisement · brochure · catalog · company / school guide · planning · editing · web planning · editing · design production · product planning · proposal preparation package · logo mark · POP · shop front tool copy lighting illustration production · character Production Production Planning · DTP Operation Photographing Workshop Studio Shooting · Location Shooting (Model · Product) Digital Image Processing · Movie web Shooting Stylist · Hair Make Order Model Casting · Audition Location Coordinate Other General Work on Shooting


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